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From a simple Web site devoted to showing readers what Tablet PCs are, we've grown to one of the most popular and complete Web sites devoted to Tablet PCs, news, software, accessories and anything else that enhances the overall Tablet PC experience. With the advancement of touch in many computers, we've expanded into other mobile markets. We'll be bringing you the latest news in hardware, software and accessories that make mobile computing the fastest growing sector in computing. Please join us as we continue to grow.

Touch is becoming a popular feature on many computers, no longer confined to just Tablets. Expect to see even more use of touch on many computers in the future. Smartphones introduced touch to more people and Windows 8 will bring touch to a much wider audience in computers.

Bringing you the latest information on size, portability and usability of new mobile computers and phones is our goal. This site will be dedicated to bringing you the news, reviews and opinions about many various mobile devices, from Mobile PCs to Tablets to mobile phones and related software and gadgets.

The Tablet PC was created to offer information, resources and support for the different Tablet PC products available. Mobile PC World expands to all mobile computing.

Although some of the site is new, our experience isn’t. I’ve been writing about Tablet PCs since before they were released in 2002. Some of the staff have been working in tech even longer.

The Mobile PC World Staff -

Terri Stratton - Owner / Editor-in-Chief

Michael Stratton - Tech News Editor / Photographer

Rich Dunbar - WebOS/Mobile Research and Reporting

Becky Crim - Assistant Editor

George Salcedo - Assistant Mobile Research and Reporting

This site is dedicated to bringing you the news, reviews and opinions about many various mobile devices, from Mobile PCs to Tablets to mobile phones and related software and gadgets.

We'll help you find everything you want to know about Tablet PCs, netbooks and other mobile pcs here on one, easy-to-navigate Web site.

We hope you find a lot of information on products that will enhance your Tablet PC and Mobile PC experience.  We're adding new products as they become available and hope you return often to check out the evolvement of the Tablet PC and other PCs that make using a computer more natural.

We'd love to hear of any experiences you've had with your Tablet PCs, phones and other tablets as well as any tips you'd like to share with other readers. Please let us know if you give your permission for publication as well.

To contact us for further information, to submit feedback or suggestions for this site, please send to Feedback

Tell your friends if you enjoyed the site. Please tell us if you didn't, and why.

I don’t think anyone can cover everything on a single site, but we’ll do our best to bring you the news on a wide range of devices.

Be sure to come back and help us grow! If there’s something you want to know more about, add a comment and we’ll see what we can do.

We hope our experience will help you in your search for some of the most reliable information you find on the internet.

Welcome and be sure to check back often!



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