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Due to the increasingly large amount of models and related data included in the Tablet PC Comparison Chart, we've divided the charts into three separate pages for current models - Slates, Convertibles/Hybrids and Ruggedized Models, as well as 2 additional pages for previous models of Slates and Convertibles/Hybrids.

With the addition of some of the snap-on keyboards that effectively turn a slate into a notebook, the line as to what is a true convertible is blurring. What we've done is use the premise that if the keyboard is an optional accessory, that Tablet PC is classified as a slate.

Please note that some manufacturers have both slate and convertible models and are listed under each column. Ruggedized Models are listed separately at the bottom of the chart

We do our best to keep these pages updated with the most current information. As the charts are based on information direct from the manufacturers or their representatives, receipt of the material can be a factor.

For information and specifications on older models, please check The Tablet PC.

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